Smile Stories

Thank you for making my graft procedure and the entire process from start to finish so seamless (and do I even dare say “fun” because of some of the laughter we shared)! A previous dental accident has made me extremely scared of all things dental to the point that I put this graft procedure off for at least 5 years due to fear. You possess such a beautiful combination of genuine care, skill, expertise, patience, precision, and warmness- a combination of qualities that are not always found in some of the health professions. I’m thrilled to share I did not experience a single post op concern. There has been no swelling. No pain. No blood. It’s almost as if it didn’t happen- other than seeing the covering in my mouth. I know this would not have necessarily been the outcome with another team and so I’m forever thankful for your exceptional skill and care. 

– Kim

The surgery went better than I ever could have expected, and my teeth now feel more “secure.” I am also grateful that you advised splitting up the procedures – that really helped with managing the process. Overall, I truly truly appreciate your expertise and care! 

– Veronica

I hadn’t been to the dentist in 23 years. When I came to see Dr. Dragan for the first time, the dental team was truly professional and made me feel totally at ease during my appointment. Throughout my x-rays, consultation, and treatment, I felt no pain or stress. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for a gentle touch, friendly follow-up, and attention to detail. I expected a different experience and was pleasantly surprised.

– Jacob